A Big Badminton Secret

Would you like to be a confident, successful badminton player, effortlessly winning most of your points?

Have everyone looking on, wondering how you avoid the nerves and worries that most players seem to suffer from?

Well, here’s one of the most effective and simple ways to achieve just this…


That’s right, simply pretend all of those things – as though you are an actor playing a role.

Go out onto the badminton court and simply pretend that what you are feeling inside is exactly how you would like to be feeling.

Because the strange thing is that if you are doing the physical actions of the badminton player that you want to be, your brain doesn’t know any difference and will slowly tell itself that you are indeed that player.

Did you know that Salvador Dali the famous artist was mortally shy and lacking confidence until a relative gave him the same advice that I am giving you now:

Pretend – be an actor!

And lo and behold, the shy and retiring Dali became famous for his extroversion, his willingness to take risks and his reputation as one of the most outgoing artists of his generation.

And there is no reason why exactly the same won’t happen for you when you set foot on the badminton court.

Try it – and let me know how it changed your game!

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7 Things To Do When You Can’t Play Badminton

Lots of people ask me what they can do when they are not playing badminton, whether that is in between training or games, or if they can’t play for a period of time for whatever reason. I hope these tips help!

1. Find a quiet place to relax and visualise yourself playing badminton, exactly how you would like to play.

2. Watch videos of top players, which will ingrain itself in your own brain and make you play better when you get back on court.

3. Set up and measure a line somewhere and practice your serve using the tips from here.

4. Write down some goals that you would like to achieve in badminton.

5. Buy some great equipment – the better your racket, clothes shoes etc, the better you feel on court and the better you will play.

6. Keep your fitness up by doing some drills.

7. Sit down and have a good read through all of the information on the Badminton Secrets site – and make sure you’ve subscribed to the Badminton Secrets Newsletter!

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40 Ways To Play Badminton Badly

This article is all about how to play badminton badly. 40 tips to ensure that you won’t win a single point and will succeed in not getting better whatsoever!

1. Get really angry when you make a mistake on court.

2. Believe that it is predetermined how good you are at badminton.

3. Blame everyone else when you don’t play very well.

4. Be jealous of those better than you.

5. Don’t try to control your nerves on court.

6. Expect to win every single point.

7. Only enjoy playing badminton if you are winning.

8. Give up when it doesn’t go well.

9. Try to do it all on your own.

10. Play badminton only because someone else expects you to.

11. Try to win by cheating.

12. Push yourself to breaking point by playing too much.

13. Don’t get to know any of your fellow players.

14. Bottle up your problems on court and not tell anyone.

15. Think that you don’t need to do anything off court to play better badminton.

16. Drink lots of energy drinks over and over.

17. Remember any criticism that you get and make it affect how you play.

18. Blame the shuttle.

19. Blame your racket.

20. Blame the weather…

21. Believe you are the best player in the world and as a result have a divine right to win everything.

22. Don’t be gracious in defeat.

23. Ignore other people’s suggestions on how to play well.

24. Give up trying to change how you play.

25. See mistakes as a bad thing on court.

26. Make sure you have a lot of excuses ready for when you don’t play well.

27. Dream about what you want to achieve in badminton, but never do anything about it.

28. Let your mind wander whilst you’re playing.

29. Blame your partner.

30. Avoid other good players in case they beat you.

31. Be afraid of trying anything new.

32. Avoid competitive play.

33. Take up tennis instead :)

34. Ignore the mental side of badminton.

35. Put down everyone around you.

36. Focus on what can go wrong on each shot.

37. Never see yourself as playing well.

38. Play randomly and never set goals.

39. Worry about what might happen in a match.

40. Not read any of the fine tips in Badminton Secrets!!

If you are guilty of doing some of the points above, remember it’s never too late – and let’s face it, we’ve all done probably most of them at some time or another!

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The Forgotten Secret Of All Badminton Champions

There is one trait that is often overlooked but can often make a massive difference to your badminton.

One secret, that often determines why one player is better than another.

And it’s something that is very easy to integrate into your badminton.

And that trait is…

Hard work!

Never ever underestimate the importance of hard work. It exposes your brain to more badminton, meaning that you are able to develop those networks of the mind faster and thus play better, quicker.

You will see all champions are the types of people who work hard to get where they want to be.

So what do I mean by hard work in badminton? Simply playing as much as you can, practicing as much as you can, training as much as you can.

Even doing preparation off-court is included – the player who’s watching videos, thinking about their game, even discussing it with others, will find themselves getting better so much quicker than someone who isn’t.

And as long as it is productive hard work, you will see the benefits – perhaps not immediately, but they will come.

The forgotten badminton secret – hard work!

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Let me introduce you to a new sport – badmington. It’s played with a shuttlecock on a badmington court with either two or four players.

It is played with a badmington racket and the aim of the game is to get the shuttlecock on the ground on your opponent’s side.

Badmington is great fun for all the family and is a great way to keep fit.

In fact, it’s very much like the sport that you probably have played before, called badminton, but with one difference:

There is no room for perfectionism.

That’s right, it’s a form of badminton in which you are not aiming for absolute perfectionism in each and every shot, and getting annoyed when that isn’t achieved.

Badmington is a sport in which you are able to play without worrying about getting every single shot in, or even hitting every single one of those shots back.

In fact it’s basically badminton, but with all those perfectionist tendencies stripped away from your game.

And do you know what?

You’re actually better at badmington than you are at that other one!

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up Badminton

1. You enjoyed it once. There was a time when you absolutely loved the game, when you couldn’t wait to get out on court and show that shuttle who’s boss! That time can come again.

2. If you give up, you definitely won’t achieve your goals. Whatever it was that you wanted to get out of badminton, whether to achieve a certain ability level, or to get fit or meet people, definitely won’t happen if you give up. It might if you keep on playing.

3. There is a big badminton network out there. It isn’t one of the world’s most popular sports for nothing, as the more than 70 nationalities signed up to the Badminton Secrets Newsletter shows. Many people have a great love of the sport and there is no reason that you shouldn’t either.

4. Your current situation isn’t permanent. A lot of the time we take specific problems and find general solutions to them. For example, someone that you play with is upsetting you, so you give up badminton. Is the reason you are thinking about giving up badminton more to do with a particular episode that is not indicative of the whole sport? Is there another solution?

5. You will get fit! If you are feeling a little frustrated with a certain element of your badminton, if nothing else you are getting some great all round fitness :)

6. There are others that will miss you. Whoever you are, wherever you play badminton, there are people who are affected by your presence on court and won’t have quite the same badminton experience if you gave up.

7. Every journey has its ups and downs. A key part of any experience, even those that are classed as hobbies and we do for pleasure, naturally have to have their difficult periods. If everything was easy all the time, there would be nothing to rally against (excuse the pun!) and no fun in the world.

8. It will get better. There is a very good chance that the reasons you are considering giving up will improve, given time. You will get somewhere towards beating that tricky opponent. You will shake off that annoying injury (or partner!). Things have a funny way of working themselves out over time, if you just keep going.

9. It is the best sport in the world! Where else would you get the fun, challenge, excitement, workout than in our favourite sport in the world!

10. You’d have to stop reading Badminton Secrets. Well, of course you wouldn’t have to, but where else are you going to apply all the great tips and techniques that you get on this site? And of course, I’d be sad to see you go :)

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A Special Kind Of Badminton Racket!

If you are serious about badminton training, you may well be interested in the Strength Pro training racket:

It weighs over 66% more than a conventional racket, so when you are training you’re able to develop ‘badminton muscle’ far quicker than using a conventional racket.

And it’s more lifelike than just putting on a badminton cover!

It’s also endorsed by World and Olympic badminton medalist Nathan Robertson:

In terms of badminton psychology and what we talk about at Badminton Secrets, one of the biggest aims is getting all the pathways of the neurons in the brain to ‘fire’ quickly and consistently, allowing commands from the brain to tell the muscles what to do as smoothly as possible.

Training with a heavier racket such as the Strength Pro (which has been developed after years of observation by a world ranked player) means that these pathways are a lot more responsive when you come to play with a regular weight racket and thus your reactions are quicker (and stronger).

So if you are looking to gain more from your badminton training, to read all about the rackets, click here.

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How To Do A Backhand Clear

Oh my goodness, if there is one question that subscribers to the Badminton Secrets Newsletter have asked me over the years, it is ‘how do I do a backhand clear?’!

Now, as you know I’m not a badminton coach so I’m not going to tell you all about the right point to take the shuttle or where your elbow should be pointing etc.

But what I do know a lot about is how the mind works and I’m going to share with you here the quickest, most effective way to practice a backhand clear.

There is always the temptation to say that it just takes practice to do any shot, with the backhand clear probably taking the most!

And this is true to an extent – just going out there with a partner and practicing over and over will improve your stroke, and don’t underestimate the power of this.

But your mind works in a funny way and needs much more than blind repetition.

It needs constant feedback as to how well you are doing, so that it can adjust and thus improve.

So whilst you are practicing the shot over and over with a partner, adjust a little bit of the way you play it; take the shuttle a little earlier, stand a little more side-on. And then assess whether that helped your shot or not, disregarding those actions that didn’t.

Then have a break and really think about what position your body was in when it was playing the backhand clears. Try to recreate it in your mind and play back a slow motion recording of the exact movement that you went through. This enables your mind to break down each little part so that when you go back on court, it is able to help you put the parts back together and perform the shot even better.

Once you have reached a point where you feel it is not getting any better, no matter how many times you adjust, that is the time to stop for the day, to give your brain the chance to process what it has learnt.

The more you can do this, the more you’ll find your backhand clear getting much stronger and more effective. If you can combine it with also getting feedback from someone else, whether a coach or just another player, you’ll be amazed at how that once impossible shot just got better and better!

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7 Tips To Increase Your Confidence In Badminton

1. Close your eyes and visualise a successful rally. If you can imagine yourself playing badminton in the way you would like, in a relaxed frame of mind and believing that you are able to achieve that level of play, you will find this transforms itself into a confident you on court.

2. Pretend you are confident. Acting ‘as if’ you are already a confident badminton player tricks your mind into thinking you are, and before you know it you do become a much more confident player!

3. Think of one of your heroes. As I say elsewhere, watching other people makes a massive difference to your own badminton. Think of someone you consider to be successful, or at least confident, and see how they play. See how they move around the court, their facial expressions. That will then internalise itself within you and come out in your own play on court.

4. Remember previous victories. Think back to those games that you won, or where you played really well. Or that time you came back from miles behind to win!

5. Know that confidence is all in the mind. All that happens when you have confidence doubts is that your mind is focussing on evidence that you can’t succeed, or play well. By accepting this and ignoring the negative thoughts that you are having, there is no reason for your mind to cause you any lack of confidence.

6. Stand tall. This may sound too simple, but the way you carry yourself will not only reflect itself in how people see you, but you will also feel more confident on court. So stand tall, keep your head held high and see how much that helps your game!

7. Remember how much you have prepared. Everything that you have done up until this point in your badminton career is still there in your mind, even if it might not feel like it at this moment. But it is still there driving you and will come out when you are court. Knowing this reduces the nagging confidence doubts that we all get in badminton from time to time and you’ll see it come true as you get into a game.

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Brand New Website!

Today marks the start of a brand new design for the Badminton Secrets website.

The premise of the site remains the same, to help you to improve your badminton using the mind and any other psychological tips or techniques.

But what I’ve done is put everything that I’ve ever written, whether good or bad :) , on the website for everyone to read and hopefully benefit from. So that means the book Badminton Secrets – 7 Steps To Getting the Edge Over Your Opponents, the bonus book How To Get 92% of Your Badminton Serves In… Guaranteed! (I loved crazy titles back in ’05 when I wrote them!) and even the transcript for the Badminton Secrets Audio Course are all in this new website.

You can access them using the different categories in the sidebar on the right and even leave a comment to say what you liked (and didn’t like!) about each one – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And there will be even more articles, posts, tips and news coming up regularly on the blog and especially in the newsletter, which you can sign up to on the right of any page – as of today there are a massive 13,625 subscribers who have signed up since I first put the site up in 2004 and will now be getting regular badminton goodies over email.

So sign up on the right if you would like to be a part of it and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on how we can use the mind and all things psychological to play better badminton!

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