Day 3 – How To Summon Your Inner Resources Of Power

[This is the transcript of Day 3 of my Badminton Secrets Audio Course, now available free on!]

Hi and welcome back, to day 3 of the Badminton Secrets
Bonus Audio Course.

This is Robert G. Johns, here again today to give you a spoken
version of the exercise from Chapter 3 of the book.

Your mind is phenomenally powerful, and there have been
studies that show how what you are thinking and saying to
yourself can have a massive effect on what your physical body
is capable of doing.

For example….if I start to tell you about this guy who was
(yawn) always tired, his eyes were always falling shut, his body
drooping over, and his (yawn) mind ready to just…fall..asleep,
then there’s a good chance you’re yawning or just about ready to
right now. Am I right?

Whereas if I speed up my voice, wake you up, get you to put
your shoulders back and smile, like the happy, confident person
you are… that creates an equal change in physical state.

Today’s exercise works using this principle, giving you a tool
for instant sharpness to your shots.

Sit down somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, get
comfortable and relax.

Close your eyes, and picture an image in your mind’s eye of
yourself, as you are now.

Observe what that picture looks like, what colour it is, is it in
three dimensions, where in your mind do you see it?

Just spend a moment really looking at it.

How bright are the colours (if any)?

How in focus is the picture?

Is it a moving picture, or still?

Is there any sort of frame around the picture?

Are you looking down at the picture, is it in front of you, or to
one side?

Now focus in on the muscles in your arms. Imagine them getting
bigger, stronger. See them bulging.

Say to yourself ‘I am strong, I am powerful, I am mighty.’

Keep saying those words, and as you do imagine your muscles
getting stronger, your whole arm getting more powerful.

As you see your body, the picture is becoming clearer, more
vivid. The colours are brighter and it is closer to you.

You can hear triumphant sounds as you grow larger and larger,
outgrowing the room that you are in, and your muscles become
solid, like steel girders, all the while saying ‘I am strong, I am
powerful, I am mighty’.

See what it’s like now to survey the world from up high, your
arms strong and powerful, as though they are made of metal.

As you keep saying those magic words (I am strong, I am
powerful, I am mighty), see yourself going onto your badminton
court, towering over all the players, picking up your racket.

Practice some smashes, all the time making the picture clearer,
colours brighter and all of it more exciting.

Make the smashes spring off your racket at 100 mph, going so
fast that they make a hole in the floor. Feel how it feels for your
steel girder of an arm to hit that shuttle.

Hear yourself saying the words, feel the feeling of elation as the
shuttle leaves your racket, see through your own eyes how your
body looks, now in splendid three dimensions, like the clearest
of movies, bright colours and everything dazzlingly new and
intense. Again, look at your muscles, see how solid, how
impressive they look.

Now clench your fist, feeling power going through your whole
body like a massive bolt of lightning, and clear your mind of

Just imagine a blank white nothingness.

OK, how did that one feel?

Would doing that exercise before you go on court make a
difference to how well you smash do you think?

The clenching of the fist is also highly significant. By doing it at
the end we are associating that action with the powerful feelings
that we have generated.

So now, try clenching your fist and you will feel the same as
you did in the exercises. If done on court, the same feelings of
strength and power will come back to you, and as a result you’ll
be able to hit the shuttle harder than ever before.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking this a stage even further, and doing an
exercise that gives you amazing confidence, eliminates all
negative feelings that you may have on court and lets you play
just the way you’ve always wanted to.

It is a very powerful exercise that changes what you associate to
badminton and the way that you play it, so that you can be in
your peak state as often as possible.

I look forward to talking to you then, and in the meantime,
here’s to playing fantastic badminton.

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