Day 5 – Cleansing Your Thinking

[This is the transcript of Day 5 of my Badminton Secrets Audio Course, now available free on!]

Hello again, as you join us on day 5 of the Badminton Secrets
Bonus Audio course.

Well done for staying this far, I hope you are doing the exercises
fully and really starting to get some benefit.

Today we’re not actually going to do the preparation exercise
from the book, as I said yesterday, but something that is even
more effective.

I felt that the preparation exercise doesn’t really benefit as much
from being read out loud, whereas what I’d like to introduce to
you today is an amazing tool for personal transformation.

We’re going to be looking at your past and future badminton

The technique that we’ll use will make you feel more
empowered each time you either look back at your past games,
or look forward into the vast expanse that is the future.

We’re going to be making use of the perfect image that we
created in the last exercise yesterday, so if you have skipped a
day for any reason, it might be a good idea to go back and go
over that one.

Whichever, I’m assuming you’re with me now, so lets get on
with today’s exercise.

As ever, get comfortable and relax, taking a couple of slow,
deep breaths in and out.

To help get into that state, think of some ordinary everyday
activity, like brushing your teeth, that you have always done and
will probably always do.

It doesn’t have to be anything special, just something that you
don’t have any particular feelings about one way or the other.

Now think specifically of when you did that activity about a
week ago.

Now think back to about two months ago when you did this

Similarly, think back to doing the activity six months ago.

Now go back a whole year and remember doing the activity.

Now go back three years and picture doing the activity.

And finally, think of you doing the activity a whole ten years

OK, good. Now you have all of these, think of all six of them at

See how they line up in your mind, how your brain arranges all
of the memories.

Some people have them going behind them, others to the left.

There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just how your brain has
decided to remember.

Now, we’ll do the same for the future.

So think of the same activity, but this time imagine yourself
performing it this time next week.

Then, think of it two months from now.

Then six months from now.

Then imagine doing it a whole year from now.

And now three years in the future.

And finally think of yourself doing the activity 10 years in the

As before, now try to think of all 6 of these at the same time,
noticing how the mind organises them.

Do they stretch out in front of you maybe?

Or to the right?

They may not even be in a straight line, but take your time and
try to get an image in your mind of where they are.

Now putting the two lines that we have created together, we
have what is called your own personal timeline.

It may go through your body, or be out in front of you or at
angles or whatever, but next we’re going to use it as a reference
point for your badminton game over time.

Let’s now take the image that we created in the last exercise of a
wonderful, powerful you, excelling in badminton in every way

Get the image in your mind the same way as before, see how
large the picture is, how clear and bright the colours, how close
it is to you.

Hear the wonderful things that you are saying, such as “I am a
fantastic badminton player” and feel the feelings that you
experience knowing that you ARE this fantastic player.

Remember, this person has overcome whatever was holding you
back from being an amazing player and are looking back at you
with love, safe in the knowledge that you will become the same
as them.

Now, keeping this picture in mind, imagine yourself floating out
of your current body and floating back down your timeline into
the past.

Go back as far as the very first time you played badminton.

Don’t worry if it’s not exact, just around the first time that you
started playing and wanting to play better and beat more people.

Now we are going to go on a mental journey down your

With the image of the amazing you still with you, travel down
your timeline back to the present day, taking all the positivity
that the image has and applying it to everything that has
happened in your badminton since.

Experience how being this amazing player would have
transformed all of your games, giving you more satisfaction,
success and enjoyment.

As you get to the present day now, feel how having taken this
mental imprint has changed how you feel about these memories.

And now, as we go from the present on your timeline, and float
out above the future line, taking the image of the wonderful you
along with you.

See your future badminton play as this new empowered you will
experience it.

Realise what a difference to your game it will make as you
travel further out along the future timeline, making changes to
the exciting and successful badminton that you will be playing.

See all the new and exciting challenges that will possibly be
coming up, and float on through them with the image of the new
you still firmly in your mind.

Go as far along the future line as you feel comfortable with, and
then come back to the room and the present.

How did that make you feel?

Again, this exercise is well worth repeating once in a while to
make the images stronger, and make them more relevant to
where in your game you are at the present time.

By taking the positive image and going through the whole of
your badminton playing life, we have got the brain thinking in
the way that we want it to think; the way of a true champion.

When a true champion is on court, there can’t be anything
holding them back, no fear of former losses, or fear of failure in
the future.

By hard-wiring your thoughts in the way that this exercise does,
we have given you the best possible chance now of going on
court and really making a difference to your game.

Tomorrow we’ve got even more goodies coming up for you,
when we look at what we talk about in Chapter 6 of Badminton
Secrets, that of always learning in the game.

Until then, have a great day, and here’s to playing fantastic

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