[This is the introduction to my book "Badminton Secrets, 7 Steps To Getting the Edge Over Your Opponents", now available free on!]

Badminton can be a very frustrating sport, can’t it?

It sometimes seems that the best players have a secret weapon that they
use to win more games, and that the harder you try to beat them, the
harder it becomes.

Before long the enjoyment has gone out of the game as players overtake
you in ability, or you don’t quite live up to your ‘potential’ (or what other
people have decided is your potential).

I was in exactly the same position a number of year ago as I slowly
stopped playing, jaded that I was never quite going to be as good as I
could have been.

Then, years later as my work brought me into the areas of self-help and
psychology, I realised where I had been going wrong, and what I needed
to do to start winning badminton matches again.

It is these ‘secrets’ that I would like to share with you here.

Since then not only do I win more badminton games than ever before, but
I get more enjoyment out of the sport as the challenge to beat those
around me increases.

We all know that badminton is the best game in the world…when you’re

Badminton Secrets evolved from my genuine desire to help other players
around the world gain more enjoyment from the sport and have the
satisfaction that comes from improving your play and winning more
badminton matches.

The book is so much more than just psychological techniques or a self-
help book. It is a reaffirmation of your commitment to badminton, a
statement that you wish to delve deeper into the sport and really find out
what it is that makes some people win badminton matches and others not.

It is a commitment that you make to yourself, that you are ready to study
what it is that will give you the edge over the players around you.

There is no filler in this book; it is made up of entirely what works for

Just by having purchased Badminton Secrets, I know that you are one too.

Happy reading.

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