Chapter 3. A Simple Technique To Instantly Make Your Smash Faster

[This is Chapter 3 of my book "Badminton Secrets, 7 Steps To Getting the Edge Over Your Opponents", now available free on!]

It’s really rather amazing how the speed that you can make the shuttle
go can make such a huge impact in the game.

Over the years, it’s generally accepted that deception and deftness of
touch have been left behind and overtaken by the sheer speed and
accuracy of shot.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that if someone came up to me and said
that I had 5 minutes to improve their game, the technique that I am about
to show you would be the one that I would demonstrate.

It’s by no means a new or revolutionary technique, but its effectiveness is

Let me explain what it is.

Before you go out on court, we are going to pump up your muscles a bit.
I mean mentally of course!!

Before I tell you how, I’d like to tell you of a party trick that again is
quite common, but demonstrates well the principle that we’re going to be

It involves two people. First of all, person A holds one arm out in front of
them. Person B puts two fingers on their wrist and tries to push down,
whilst person A is trying to resist with all their might.

It’s a struggle, but eventually B manages to push it down.

Then person A goes through an exercise very similar to the one
below, puts their arm outstretched and again person B tries to push it

But the arm won’t go!

However hard person B pushes, the arm stays where it is!!

Then, person A does the opposite of the exercise below, put their arm out
again, but this time despite A trying his hardest to stop B pushing his arm
down, it goes down like it was as light as a feather!!

I actually first saw this trick when I was doing a fire walk for charity in
the motivational session that they had beforehand and everyone in the
room (including myself) was amazed!

So here’s how to achieve superior strength (it actually works best if
someone else reads out the instructions)…

Sit down somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, get comfortable and

Close your eyes, and picture an image in your mind’s eye of yourself, as
you are now.

Observe what that picture looks like, what colour it is, is it in three
dimensions, where in your mind do you see it?

Just spend a moment really looking at it.

How bright are the colours (if any)?

How in focus is the picture?

Is it a moving picture, or still?

Is there any sort of frame around the picture?

Are you looking down at the picture, is it in front of you, or to one side?

Now focus in on the muscles in your arms. Imagine them getting bigger,
stronger. See them bulging.

Say to yourself ‘I am strong, I am powerful, I am mighty.’

Keep saying those words, and as you do imagine your muscles getting
stronger, your whole arm getting more powerful.

As you see your body, the picture is becoming clearer, more vivid. The
colours are brighter and it is closer to you.

You can hear triumphant sounds as you grow larger and larger,
outgrowing the room that you are in, and your muscles become solid, like
steel girders, all the while saying ‘I am strong, I am powerful, I am

See what it’s like now to survey the world from up high, your arms strong
and powerful, as though they are made of metal.

As you keep saying those magic words (I am strong, I am powerful, I am
mighty), see yourself going onto your badminton court, towering over all
the players, picking up your racket.

Practice some smashes, all the time making the picture clearer, colours
brighter and all of it more exciting.

Make the smashes spring off your racket at 100 mph, going so fast that
they make a hole in the floor. Feel how it feels for your steel girder of an
arm to hit that shuttle.

Hear yourself saying the words, feel the feeling of elation as the shuttle
leaves your racket, see through your own eyes how your body looks, now
in splendid three dimensions, like the clearest of movies, bright colours
and everything dazzlingly new and intense. Again, look at your muscles,
see how solid, how impressive they look.

Now clench your fist, feeling power going through your whole body like
a massive bolt of lightning, and clear your mind of everything.

Just imagine a blank white nothingness.

Welcome back!

So how was that exercise? The first time I did it, just before I went on
court, I was amazed at the results.

Suddenly, when I smashed, it really did feel that there was a steel girder
where my arm used to be! I even thought I heard the metallic noise that
that would make!

And while my smashes didn’t quite make a hole in the ground (!), they
certainly had an immediate impact on my badminton, and as a result of
course, an immediate impact on the number of games I won.

This exercise is best performed as near as possible to going onto court,
and as you will find out in the bonus book “How To Get 92% Of Your
Badminton Serves In …Guaranteed!”, by clenching your fist at
the end you are ‘anchoring’ those strong and powerful feelings so that
anytime on court that you clench your fist in exactly the same way, the
same feelings will return.

If you find that this exercise doesn’t seem to be having any effect, you
need to repeat it, concentrating on making the picture that you see more
vivid, really overpowering so that it is etched into your mind, turn up the
volume of the sounds that you hear, and feel the feelings even more

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