[This is the introduction to my book "How To Get 92% of Your Badminton Serves In... Guaranteed!", now available free on!]

This book came about from my fascination with just how badly it was
possible for me to perform the rather easy task of a badminton serve.

There would be days of course when I could serve very well, with few
serves going into the net or landing out.

But then there would always be plenty of times when, for no apparent
reason (or so I thought at the time!), I would totally lose the ability to
serve a perfect serve.

I knew from my studies of psychology and the mind, that the reasons
for not mastering the art of the serve were largely psychological,
happened to just about everyone, and were totally and utterly, 100%

I also knew that the answers would largely be quite simple, and as I
investigated further, trying out what worked and what didn’t on my own
serve, this book slowly evolved.

At its simplest, it is a few things that you can remember to do just before
you serve. But for the serious badminton player, who really does want to
be able to serve well every game, “How To Get 92% Of Your Serves
In…Guaranteed!” is a study book, a proven course of action to read,
practice, reread and practice again until you get it right.

It is my pleasure to bring you the process that I used to perfect my
badminton serve, I know it will do wonders for your game too.

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