Chapter 3. So how DO you get 92% of your serves in?

[This is Chapter 3 of my book "How To Get 92% of Your Badminton Serves In... Guaranteed!", now available free on!]

First of all I’ll answer the common response to the book title, i.e. that
it’s really not that difficult to get 92% of your serves in – just dolly them up
into half court.

But I think you and I know that that’s not going to get us anywhere!

Our aim is to get, on average, 92% of our serves just where we want
them, at the height above the net we want them, and consistently.

What about the other 8% I hear you cry!

FORGET ABOUT IT. Lesson number one. However good you become,
you are never ever going to get every single one of your serves in.

That’s why our goal is for 92%. Your goals should be realistic
(ie attainable) but really stretch you. 100% is not realistic. The
best badminton players in the world don’t achieve that, so we’re not even
going to think about it.

But I’m sure you’ll agree 92% is stretching us!

Goals also need to be specific. Now I know you can’t be much more
specific than 92% (!) but, to avoid those pedants from above, let’s extend
the goal to…

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