Chapter 11. A Quick Note On Deception

[This is Chapter 11 of my book "How To Get 92% of Your Badminton Serves In... Guaranteed!", now available free on!]

Deception on the serve is probably one of the areas that these
techniques can have the most astounding effect.

How about if you went through an exercise visualising the perfect flick
serve, and performed a DIFFERENT anchor to the one earlier?

The approach would be identical in each case, there would be nothing to
give your opponent any clue about what you were going to do (it’s
important not to make your anchor too obvious by the way!), and having
fired off your anchor you will automatically perform the perfect flick

The same principles and steps can be used as for a normal serve; the only
thing to remember is that you are fully aware that you are going to do a
deceptive serve. You are prepared, and because you know exactly what
you are going to do, you will have the confidence to execute it perfectly.

And, as with anything in life, success breeds success. As your opponent
gets used to your serves going bang on the line, or on a corner, they will
be concentrating all their efforts on how to return your fiendishly cruel
serves at all. Imagine what throwing a bit of deception into the mix will

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