Chapter 12. Conclusion

[This is Chapter 12 of my book "How To Get 92% of Your Badminton Serves In... Guaranteed!", now available free on!]

Let’s quickly recap the whole process.

You will follow the instructions in the previous chapter up until the date
that was set in the goal. Along the way you will expect to make mistakes
because it is human nature to do so. You will not even expect to improve
on each and every outing. AGAIN, THIS IS NATURAL AND
ACCEPTABLE. You will not panic at this stage, but have faith in
yourself and the system (which is really the same system that humans use
to learn anything).

After all, you are aiming for something in 3 months time. It doesn’t
matter what journey you take to get there, all that matters is that you get
there. This is another very important point. As long as you keep in mind
your destination, your goal, your subconscious will keep you on track. It
then doesn’t matter if you miss a week’s playing because there was
something good on TV, or if you have a stage halfway through where you
think you’ll never manage to serve a good serve again (we’ve all had
them!). When this happens, you’ll keep your mind focussed on the aim,
the final goal and all will be well.

And then, after a short while (assuming you tell nobody that you are
using this system), you will get someone come up to you and say the
magic words that will confirm just how far you’ve come; ‘You know,
your serves have been getting a lot better recently. How come?’. And
you’ll smile and, if it’s a rival say ‘Just practice’, or if it’s a friend you
can then (and only then) direct them to!

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