7 Tips To Increase Your Confidence In Badminton

1. Close your eyes and visualise a successful rally. If you can imagine yourself playing badminton in the way you would like, in a relaxed frame of mind and believing that you are able to achieve that level of play, you will find this transforms itself into a confident you on court.

2. Pretend you are confident. Acting ‘as if’ you are already a confident badminton player tricks your mind into thinking you are, and before you know it you do become a much more confident player!

3. Think of one of your heroes. As I say elsewhere, watching other people makes a massive difference to your own badminton. Think of someone you consider to be successful, or at least confident, and see how they play. See how they move around the court, their facial expressions. That will then internalise itself within you and come out in your own play on court.

4. Remember previous victories. Think back to those games that you won, or where you played really well. Or that time you came back from miles behind to win!

5. Know that confidence is all in the mind. All that happens when you have confidence doubts is that your mind is focussing on evidence that you can’t succeed, or play well. By accepting this and ignoring the negative thoughts that you are having, there is no reason for your mind to cause you any lack of confidence.

6. Stand tall. This may sound too simple, but the way you carry yourself will not only reflect itself in how people see you, but you will also feel more confident on court. So stand tall, keep your head held high and see how much that helps your game!

7. Remember how much you have prepared. Everything that you have done up until this point in your badminton career is still there in your mind, even if it might not feel like it at this moment. But it is still there driving you and will come out when you are court. Knowing this reduces the nagging confidence doubts that we all get in badminton from time to time and you’ll see it come true as you get into a game.

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