10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up Badminton

1. You enjoyed it once. There was a time when you absolutely loved the game, when you couldn’t wait to get out on court and show that shuttle who’s boss! That time can come again.

2. If you give up, you definitely won’t achieve your goals. Whatever it was that you wanted to get out of badminton, whether to achieve a certain ability level, or to get fit or meet people, definitely won’t happen if you give up. It might if you keep on playing.

3. There is a big badminton network out there. It isn’t one of the world’s most popular sports for nothing, as the more than 70 nationalities signed up to the Badminton Secrets Newsletter shows. Many people have a great love of the sport and there is no reason that you shouldn’t either.

4. Your current situation isn’t permanent. A lot of the time we take specific problems and find general solutions to them. For example, someone that you play with is upsetting you, so you give up badminton. Is the reason you are thinking about giving up badminton more to do with a particular episode that is not indicative of the whole sport? Is there another solution?

5. You will get fit! If you are feeling a little frustrated with a certain element of your badminton, if nothing else you are getting some great all round fitness :)

6. There are others that will miss you. Whoever you are, wherever you play badminton, there are people who are affected by your presence on court and won’t have quite the same badminton experience if you gave up.

7. Every journey has its ups and downs. A key part of any experience, even those that are classed as hobbies and we do for pleasure, naturally have to have their difficult periods. If everything was easy all the time, there would be nothing to rally against (excuse the pun!) and no fun in the world.

8. It will get better. There is a very good chance that the reasons you are considering giving up will improve, given time. You will get somewhere towards beating that tricky opponent. You will shake off that annoying injury (or partner!). Things have a funny way of working themselves out over time, if you just keep going.

9. It is the best sport in the world! Where else would you get the fun, challenge, excitement, workout than in our favourite sport in the world!

10. You’d have to stop reading Badminton Secrets. Well, of course you wouldn’t have to, but where else are you going to apply all the great tips and techniques that you get on this site? And of course, I’d be sad to see you go :)

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