Let me introduce you to a new sport – badmington. It’s played with a shuttlecock on a badmington court with either two or four players.

It is played with a badmington racket and the aim of the game is to get the shuttlecock on the ground on your opponent’s side.

Badmington is great fun for all the family and is a great way to keep fit.

In fact, it’s very much like the sport that you probably have played before, called badminton, but with one difference:

There is no room for perfectionism.

That’s right, it’s a form of badminton in which you are not aiming for absolute perfectionism in each and every shot, and getting annoyed when that isn’t achieved.

Badmington is a sport in which you are able to play without worrying about getting every single shot in, or even hitting every single one of those shots back.

In fact it’s basically badminton, but with all those perfectionist tendencies stripped away from your game.

And do you know what?

You’re actually better at badmington than you are at that other one!

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