40 Ways To Play Badminton Badly

This article is all about how to play badminton badly. 40 tips to ensure that you won’t win a single point and will succeed in not getting better whatsoever!

1. Get really angry when you make a mistake on court.

2. Believe that it is predetermined how good you are at badminton.

3. Blame everyone else when you don’t play very well.

4. Be jealous of those better than you.

5. Don’t try to control your nerves on court.

6. Expect to win every single point.

7. Only enjoy playing badminton if you are winning.

8. Give up when it doesn’t go well.

9. Try to do it all on your own.

10. Play badminton only because someone else expects you to.

11. Try to win by cheating.

12. Push yourself to breaking point by playing too much.

13. Don’t get to know any of your fellow players.

14. Bottle up your problems on court and not tell anyone.

15. Think that you don’t need to do anything off court to play better badminton.

16. Drink lots of energy drinks over and over.

17. Remember any criticism that you get and make it affect how you play.

18. Blame the shuttle.

19. Blame your racket.

20. Blame the weather…

21. Believe you are the best player in the world and as a result have a divine right to win everything.

22. Don’t be gracious in defeat.

23. Ignore other people’s suggestions on how to play well.

24. Give up trying to change how you play.

25. See mistakes as a bad thing on court.

26. Make sure you have a lot of excuses ready for when you don’t play well.

27. Dream about what you want to achieve in badminton, but never do anything about it.

28. Let your mind wander whilst you’re playing.

29. Blame your partner.

30. Avoid other good players in case they beat you.

31. Be afraid of trying anything new.

32. Avoid competitive play.

33. Take up tennis instead :)

34. Ignore the mental side of badminton.

35. Put down everyone around you.

36. Focus on what can go wrong on each shot.

37. Never see yourself as playing well.

38. Play randomly and never set goals.

39. Worry about what might happen in a match.

40. Not read any of the fine tips in Badminton Secrets!!

If you are guilty of doing some of the points above, remember it’s never too late – and let’s face it, we’ve all done probably most of them at some time or another!

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