7 Things To Do When You Can’t Play Badminton

Lots of people ask me what they can do when they are not playing badminton, whether that is in between training or games, or if they can’t play for a period of time for whatever reason. I hope these tips help!

1. Find a quiet place to relax and visualise yourself playing badminton, exactly how you would like to play.

2. Watch videos of top players, which will ingrain itself in your own brain and make you play better when you get back on court.

3. Set up and measure a line somewhere and practice your serve using the tips from here.

4. Write down some goals that you would like to achieve in badminton.

5. Buy some great equipment – the better your racket, clothes shoes etc, the better you feel on court and the better you will play.

6. Keep your fitness up by doing some drills.

7. Sit down and have a good read through all of the information on the Badminton Secrets site – and make sure you’ve subscribed to the Badminton Secrets Newsletter!

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