A Big Badminton Secret

Would you like to be a confident, successful badminton player, effortlessly winning most of your points?

Have everyone looking on, wondering how you avoid the nerves and worries that most players seem to suffer from?

Well, here’s one of the most effective and simple ways to achieve just this…


That’s right, simply pretend all of those things – as though you are an actor playing a role.

Go out onto the badminton court and simply pretend that what you are feeling inside is exactly how you would like to be feeling.

Because the strange thing is that if you are doing the physical actions of the badminton player that you want to be, your brain doesn’t know any difference and will slowly tell itself that you are indeed that player.

Did you know that Salvador Dali the famous artist was mortally shy and lacking confidence until a relative gave him the same advice that I am giving you now:

Pretend – be an actor!

And lo and behold, the shy and retiring Dali became famous for his extroversion, his willingness to take risks and his reputation as one of the most outgoing artists of his generation.

And there is no reason why exactly the same won’t happen for you when you set foot on the badminton court.

Try it – and let me know how it changed your game!

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  1. Brian chimwani says:

    You have utterly good skills, but if you could inform me more on smashing techniques, then i could be perfect.

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