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Psychological Tips & Techniques To Help YOUR Game!
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About Badminton Secrets

by Robert G. Johns

My story | The experiment | The results | Passing it on

My story

I first started playing badminton around the age of 8 or 9.

I was lucky enough to have some success whilst at school, becoming top in my city for my age, and playing at county level at various age groups.

Then, as with many young players, other things took over and badminton became less of a focus in my life; university came and went, then a job, then travelling.

The experiment

It was only a couple of years ago when I rejoined my first club that I began to wonder just why I had never become a better badminton player.

I started experimenting, working out how I could play better.

I basically took everything I knew about psychology and applied it to my badminton.

If something worked I would make a note and remember it for next time; if something didn't work, I'd note that too.

I also started to see how I reacted to various parts of the game, controlling my responses to different stimuli.

The results

Personally, the results were amazing.

At the beginning I couldn't get into any of the teams; I'd regularly lose and was very rusty.

Then, obviously as practice kicked in a little, I got back to my previous standard, and settled nicely into the second team.

But I decided that I wanted to be the best player at the club, and set to work using psychology to achieve it.

Within a year, I was regularly beating the best players in the club at singles, and eventually was made first team captain.

In matches I was beating players who were supposedly much better than me - could hit the shuttle far harder, were fitter and more experienced than me.

But more importantly, I was enjoying every moment of the game, my levels of confidence were sky high, and I knew exactly how to deal with that annoyance that you get in badminton when things aren't quite going right!

Passing it on

With this new-found success came a desire to help other people achieve the same thing - and I started making notes to remind me, and even recorded some of the exercises that had helped.

This developed into a book, an audio course and eventually into the Badminton Secrets website and Newsletter that are available today.

It gives me great pleasure when I receive emails such as the ones in the above right hand column, from other badminton players who have read my story and also made massive improvements to their game.

Of course, physical fitness, technique and tactics are all vital parts of being a good badminton player too.

But if I can overcome differences in these using psychological techniques alone, then I'm sure that anyone else can do the same!

If you would like to hear what I did to improve my badminton, please accept my invitation and join me in the Badminton Secrets Newsletter, by signing up in the box below:

Free Badminton Secrets Newsletter
Psychological Tips & Techniques To Help YOUR Game!
Join over 3500 players in 59 61 countries by signing up below:

First Name: Email:  

"After a couple of weeks, my team-mates were shocked by my improvement."
- Jessie T

"I strongly believe that I changed a lot from what I was as a badminton player."
- Gabriel P

"Thank you for all the tips. Let me tell you, two weeks I tried the first practice; very good, I won my first games!"
- Alberto A

"Last time I played to win, I failed. This time, I play a lot better!"
- Tonny T

"I have been receiving your lessons for some time now, and they are a great help. I really appreciate it, and thank you very much for giving me your time."
- Sara M

"Thank you so much for enlightening me, I really learn a lot from your articles."
- Marlo C

"Thanks a lot Robert, I learned a lot of things today and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more."
- Renato D

"I really like your course, and agree with your ideas 100%!"
Nancy S

"Many thanks for your constant boosting."
- Ghatwai

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Thank you for encouraging me in my game. Fact is, not only in my game but in real life."
- Bobby

"Reading your notes shift(s) my "thinking" not only for Badminton but also for my other work too."
- Ari

"Thanks for all the advice. I'm still in training now, and I'm sure with your guidance my skill will be better." - Leonardo C

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