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"Your articles are superb - and your advice is very important to me."
Pasan M, Sri Lanka

"My game is really improving and I love the way I play these past two weeks."
- Arjay L, Philippines

"Thank you very much sir. You're such a really excellent coach!"
- Gideon de la C

"Your Newsletter inspires me to bring my game to the next level. Thanks a lot, hope to learn more from a badminton lover like you."
Romulo V

"Just a quick note to thank you for all this helpful advice. It has certainly helped my game these past few months."
- Phillipe B

"Thank you for sending me good advice/pointers to become a good badminton player."
- Zeny U

"Thanks for your kind consideration about my game of badminton."
- Ranga W

"Thanks for the info."
- Rich

"Robert, thanks so much for this inspiring email of yours - I really appreciate it."
- Marlo C

"I was so excited reading your emails about mental training... it help me a lot in my games."
- Alex B

"Thanks for the secrets you've so far shared with me, it's been quite a learning phase"
- Shuaibu

"I think four of these important things have helped me develop my badminton skills by at least 50%"
- Jessie T

"I would like to personally thank you for your advice. This piece of advice I recently received made me understand and accept the loss that I had in my recent company tournament last Sunday. Now, I will try to apply this techniques for the coming tourney this weekend in conquering my emotions during the game."
- Neil M

"Thank you sir for mailing me such valuable information for which I am able to improve my skill faster. After taking your tips I have played a few matches and to my disbelief I was amazing compared to my previous skills. So I thank you once again sir for mailing me and please keep mailing me further with such valuable information."
- Rabindra

"I really like to thank you for putting time into my badminton."
- Rosalind F, Canada

"Your mails have helped me to inculcate a discipline in my doubles game which was as yet lacking."
- Akhi P

"Thank you for all the things you shared about badminton secrets, it helps me a lot to build a confidence in playing badminton, Now I'm not afraid to play with the better players because I know it is beneficial for me, and I also shared with them what I learned from you. Again a million of THANKS!"
- Peter, Philippines

"Thank you very much for your letters and your kindness...I am improving when practising with your advise."
- Cong N, Vietnam

"Once again thank you sir for providing me another important advice from the world of badminton. I really appreciate the way you treat your "students"."
- Gideon de la C

"Thanks for the advice, I have read all your newsletters and have help me much"
- Tony L, Singapore

"Thanks for your letter and all the tips and knowledge which I have received up to now. I am very happy and of course satisfied with my ability to convince myself that nothing is impossible if we believe in oneself. As you have mentioned in your previous postage believing that we can, enjoying the game, never give up spirit, slow but steady, and many many more encouraging word from you really makes me feel wonderful, I feel good about myself, I am more confident in what ever I do not only in badminton but also in my daily life. Your word of encouragement is like MAGIC to me, I am so grateful to be able to correspond with you directly. I hope you would continue giving me your most brilliant ideas in your next reply."
- Hilda

"I was so excited reading your emails about mental trainings.. keep sending me ok.. it help me a lot in my games... Thank you.."
- Alex B


"After a couple of weeks, my team-mates were shocked by my improvement."
- Jessie T

"I strongly believe that I changed a lot from what I was as a badminton player."
- Gabriel P

"Thank you for all the tips. Let me tell you, two weeks I tried the first practice; very good, I won my first games!"
- Alberto A

"Last time I played to win, I failed. This time, I play a lot better!"
- Tonny T

"I have been receiving your lessons for some time now, and they are a great help. I really appreciate it, and thank you very much for giving me your time."
- Sara M

"Thank you so much for enlightening me, I really learn a lot from your articles."
- Marlo C

"Thanks a lot Robert, I learned a lot of things today and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more."
- Renato D

"I really like your course, and agree with your ideas 100%!"
Nancy S

"Many thanks for your constant boosting."
- Ghatwai

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

"Thank you for encouraging me in my game. Fact is, not only in my game but in real life."
- Bobby

"Reading your notes shift(s) my "thinking" not only for Badminton but also for my other work too."
- Ari

"Thanks for all the advice. I'm still in training now, and I'm sure with your guidance my skill will be better." - Leonardo C

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